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12:31 AM Tue, Oct. 16th

Letter: Trump climate


The drums of protest grow louder by the day.

The Trump presidency is over one month old, but already the buzzards are circling. Opponents on the Left have objected to every cabinet nomination, and were ecstatic over Lt. Gen. Flynn’s departure and the President’s second choice turning down the offer.

Since Nov. 20, we have heard a lot of talk about Trump’s agenda, and how much abnormality the American people are willing to accept when placed in a state of incipient autocracy.

The seminal question being raised by pundits is as cruel as it is inaccurate: Is Mr. Trump leading us into a state of autocracy? Sen. John McCain, upon hearing Trump’s comments about news sources being the “enemy of the American people,” warned that suppression of a free press is “how dictators get started,” suggesting that a dictatorship may be in the making.

There is no “honeymoon” for Trump. It’s open political warfare.

Here’s a new tactic recently employed to disrupt Republican Town Hall meetings. Protesters, apparently, all anti-Trump Democrats, have swarmed the event to shout down GOP lawmakers by protesting everything from immigration to Obamacare. According to the Associated Press, the protests are sponsored by and a newly-formed Trump resistance group that follows a 26-page protest guide for activists entitled “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Stopping the Trump Agenda.” These rabble-rousers are not Republican constituents, and many suspect they are being paid out of Democratic coffers.

Mr. Trump must be prepared to counter attack, because the media and the opposition party have made it clear that they will do whatever is necessary to derail his presidency.

Here’s a dose of reality: The Trump Administration’s primary objective is to return the country to its Constitutional principles, as the wisdom of our founders envisioned them to be. And, in today’s insane political climate, it takes bold leadership to do this.

Presidential historians usually define presidents according to their leadership abilities. Donald Trump may be the consummate leader because he has captured both hemispheres of the national political brain, the haves and have nots. And, to his credit, he has a reputation of making good on his word.

He’s the breath of fresh air badly needed in Washington, D.C., a city full of flatulence.

C.R. Shoemaker