Column: Don’t tell my party, but I could have backed a Republican

I’ll let you in on a secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone in the Green Party. They’ll never let me back in if they find out.

During the last presidential election it was my secret hope that a Republican would win. Not just any Republican, I had a specific one in mind.

The thought of Hillary Clinton as president churned my stomach as much as it did most of you. Probably not for the same reasons, Republicans were busy making stuff up and wasting taxpayer money on all those investigations that never found a thing.

But they did damage her politically, so I’m sure that was a good use of Congress’ time.

The main reason I couldn’t support Clinton is that she was a divisive figure who wasn’t going to fix this country. And as we’ve seen, neither is Donald Trump.

But there was one Republican candidate who was qualified, appears to be honest, and was actually trying hard to bring the country together. Those are three qualities our current president lacks.

I didn’t like any of his policies, and if he would have been elected I’d be criticizing him often. He’s a true conservative and would have pushed that agenda.

Not to mention the damage he could do on the Supreme Court.

But, I believed him to be a good man who genuinely wanted to heal our broken politics. So of course Ohio Governor John Kasich didn’t win. Most voters don’t appear to want us united, they want to keep fighting culture wars and blaming the other side for all that’s wrong with the world.

It’s a lot easier to do that than it is to look in a mirror and do something positive to make our nation stronger.

So even though I’m totally against all the policies he was proposing and would have hated to see him picking Supreme Court justices, I really wanted to see John Kasich be president.

If it had been Kasich, Clinton and my own party’s candidate, Jill Stein, on the ballot, and Arizona was considered a swing state, then I very well might have voted for him, despite the policy disagreements.

I think he would have reached out to Democrats and invited them in. He was the only candidate during the primary season who wasn’t constantly blaming the other side and looking for new ways to divide us.

As Abraham Lincoln pointed out, a house divided cannot stand. There’s a reason Vladimir Putin is putting out videos fanning the flames of America’s culture war. The former KGB agent wants us divided, fighting with each other, instead of focusing on his criminal acts.

That must be one of the reasons he worked so hard to get Trump elected.

Americans need to unite, quit blaming each other, and learn to disagree without the nastiness. That was a path Kasich was offering. Too bad GOP primary voters rejected it and gave us the current clown show instead. Weep for our nation.

So, sorry Dr. Stein, and I hope my fellow Greens can forgive me, but there comes a time when you have to put the good of the nation ahead of your party.