Letter: Reason to celebrate


I hope that the very negative articles, commentaries, opinions in your newspaper are not a reflection of how most people feel about America’s Birthday: the 4th of July.

I love this land and most of its people. I am an immigrant (many years ago) and we came here looking for freedom and opportunity to make a life for ourselves. We have never accepted government welfare, disability etc., nor did we expect it. This was and should be a land of opportunity; that’s it. We worked HARD. Opportunities still exist.

I was surprised, as I interacted with some of the more recent immigrants, when I was told that American welfare, disability benefits (frequently not deserved) kill the incentive to improve yourself on your own, destroying the self-confidence and limiting opportunities to progress through one’s own efforts. Aren’t we doing the same with some American citizens by making them welfare dependent?

Teach, don’t give handouts. Let all be proud of their own accomplishments through the development of each one’s God given talents.

May God continue to bless the United States of America.

A.J. Scheidt

Prescott Valley