Column: The naked truth behind nude weddings

I’ll confess, I’ve never touched a bridal magazine. In fact, I’ve never even looked in that direction on the magazine rack. Despite that I found myself in a meeting discussing our bridal special section that’s coming out next month and we were discussing the latest trends in weddings.

Someone said one of the newest trends is naked weddings.

Excuse me? First, the idea isn’t all that new. I’m a lifelong Trekkie, so I immediately thought of a Betazoid wedding on Star Trek, The Next Generation. As usual, Star Trek is way ahead of the curve. Or is that curves?

My second thought was, uh oh, I have a wedding coming up in March, my nephew Daniel’s nuptials. A quick phone call.

“Hey Daniel, you’re not doing one of those naked weddings, are you?”

“That’s an interesting idea, Uncle Kenny.”

“Um, I may need to lose a few pounds.”

“Or more than a few.”

“Not sure I like this idea, what was wrong with the way we got married back in my day … you know, wearing clothes.”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Kenny, Janelle and I INSIST that you keep your clothes on. In fact, the entire family would prefer it if you keep your clothes on, unlike the last family wedding.”

It’s not always easy being the crazy uncle in the family. Sure is a lot more fun though.

I tried to do some research on nude weddings, but my company’s firewall blocked my search. Apparently, you’re not supposed to search for “nudes” on the company computer. (And no, this column wasn’t an attempt to cover up my Internet history in case the publisher starts asking questions).

So, I’ll have to hope Wikipedia is factual on naked weddings.

Nude weddings and other forms of naked recreation grew by 75 percent in the 1990s and are now a $440 million dollar industry, Wikipedia says, citing the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Seems like the couple is always naked at a nude wedding, and sometimes the wedding party joins them. Guests can choose to come naked or clothed.

Wikipedia says that the largest nude wedding took place in Jamaica in 2003, when 29 couples from all around the world were married on Valentine’s Day.

My nephew Daniel assures me that his wedding will be fully clothed and that anyone arriving naked will be asked to leave.

“I don’t know Daniel, considering the price of a wedding dress, maybe there’s something to this nude wedding thing.”

Ken Sain is news editor of Prescott Newspapers, Inc.