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12:35 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

Friday Catchall: Riley v. City finally over; now, did it snow?

The Friday Catchall:

Note – This is the resurrection of a column format I used years ago, adapted from late-former Courier editor Jim “Ol’ Fearless” Garner. Watch for it each week. Enjoy!

• IT’S OVER – Remember the case, KayAnne Riley v. the City of Prescott and former Mayor Marlin Kuykendall, which ended in December with a judgment for the defense (the city and the mayor)? The remaining issue was money – the $36,000 a judge awarded to Riley’s side for the destruction of emails, and about $21,000 in court costs the city would’ve received.

Well, according to public records, it’s over. Basically, both sides agreed to walk away with nobody owing anything.

Still outstanding for me: the email issue. Here’s hoping a better archive system is in the works.

• SNOW – A reader wrote in this week to say “your ‘Looming winter storm’ article states there may be 4-6 inches of snow, which is significantly less than the National Weather Service’s forecast of 10-19 inches for Thursday thru Saturday. The actual outcome will be interesting. Hope the road crews are preparing for the 10-19 forecast rather than the minor 4-6 forecast.”

I hope so too, regarding the road crews (watch the Courier for a story about the impacts of snow; of course, if we get dumped on).

Sadly, the business of weather forecasts is not always dependable. How can you be so wrong sometimes, and still remain employed?! My experience over the past two decades in Prescott is we’re most often missed or dusted by the white stuff. The accumulation over Christmas may have been a sign of the times!

• HERE’S YOUR SIGN – Courier inboxes were flooded (pun intended) over the past few days with storm warnings and preparation press releases (click here for an example) from ADOT, Yavapai County Emergency Management, and more. Ironically, two days ago the sky was clear blue.

It must be a whopper, though (have you looked outside yet?), to wit: “A series of winter storms are approaching northern Arizona over the next few days, … primary concerns are loss of heat, power and telephone service and a shortage of supplies if storm conditions continue for more than a few days. Areas of concern are in the higher elevations of Yavapai County such as Groom Creek, Potato-Patch, Walker, Highland Pines, Breezy Pines, and communities along Senator Highway, Thumb Butte Road, and Copper Basin Road.”

For updates, visit and

• OF PROTESTS AND FLAGS – A reader told me this week, “Was surprised that you had that heavy coverage of women protesting stuff yesterday, complete with a gay flag. I don’t think that reflects the general mood in Prescott, and as the election showed, that kind of world view is no longer unchallenged.” (Two possible links - MLK march and women going to Washington.)

All I can say is our goal is balanced coverage; we’re not going to ignore something just because it’s unpopular. If that were the case, reports involving marijuana, car accidents across the area, and arrests on molestation charges, for example, would never see any ink.

• QUOTE TO CHEW ON – “The more you Read the more Things you will Know. The more you Learn the more Places you’ll Go.” – Dr. Seuss

Have a great weekend!