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8:23 AM Sun, Jan. 20th

Column: Hopes, fears and expectations

With the Inauguration of Donald Trump for President of the United States set for tomorrow, Jan. 20, many of us who voted have a great many hopes, fears and expectations. This happens with every new occupant of the White House, but after such a contentious primary and general election, these feelings are multiplied. Almost everyone, regardless of political inclination, wants the best for our country.

As conservative constitutionalists, we hope that Mr. Trump’s motives for running for the most powerful position in the world are pure. Most of his supporters personally hope and believe that Donald Trump wouldn’t have gone to the toil, trouble and expense of campaigning if he didn’t think that he was uniquely qualified to assist our country from the political and economic intrigues of the last 25 years. It doesn’t seem logical that a billionaire would leave the freedom and lavish lifestyle unless there was a compelling reason. Many fear that Mr. Trump’s reasons for wanting to become president are the classical nefarious ones: greed and power. We should expect his intentions are of a much higher caliber.

It doesn’t seem power would be an incentive for such a wealthy individual. A villainous exercise of power would more logically be wielded outside the enormous spotlight in which a president finds himself, especially an individual who attracts so much negative attention from the mainstream media. Money would not appear to be the stimulus for public service since he is so very rich.

We hope that the reason that the president-elect entered politics is to serve the country and our form of government that allowed him to succeed in business so extraordinarily. We hope that he is motivated to use his skills to put millions more Americans to work, bring businesses back to our country, restore the military and diplomatic strength of the United States and clean up the political corruption that has led to the cesspool that

has engulfed the establishments of both political parties.

Some fear that President-elect Trump’s political inexperience will cause his political, economic, domestic and diplomatic policies to fail. We should expect him to think out of the box and develop distinctive solutions to all or most of these problems. For decades, politicians of both parties have passed laws that sound good and get them re-elected, but either don’t address the problem, or create more and larger problem. President Johnson’s “War on Poverty” being one of the most conspicuous.

We hope and pray that a President Trump will return our country to a Constitutional Republic. That is the way our government was intended to operate. Congress should make the laws and not delegate that function to unelected, appointed bureaucrats. The president enforces the laws and should not rule through executive orders when he doesn’t like what Congress is doing or not doing. The Courts adjudicate and shouldn’t create rights

and laws that they magically find in the “penumbra” around the Constitution.

Many fear that President-elect Trump is an egotistical narcissist, who will use his presidential power to become a virtual dictator. We can expect that with the list of judges he has publicly stated that he wants to appoint to the Supreme Court and lesser courts, that will not occur. These are judicial scholars of original Constitutional interpretation. These types of judges lean heavily toward limiting the size and scope of the federal government, the power of the president, the reach of federal legislation and they

oppose “judicial legislation.”

We constitutional conservatives hope that President Trump will continue to vigorously defend himself and his policies by any means available. Whether he uses Twitter, live

press conferences or interviews, we don’t want him to do what President George W. Bush did when the left-wing partisans started filling the airwaves with the chant, “Bush lied, people died.”

We fear that like Bush, Trump would just ignore any baseless attack. We expect that if Trump had been in W’s position, he would tweet and/or have a live press conference and showed film or documentation of Secretary of State Madeline Albright (1-19-98), Sen. Hillary Clinton (10-10-02), President Bill Clinton (2-4-98 and 2-17-98), Nancy Pelosi (12-16-98), Senator Barack Obama (10-2-02) and all of the other Democrats who also claimed that Sadaam Husein had weapons of mass destruction. If Bush had done that, those chants would have stopped immediately. We hope that Trump continues to fight

“fake news” and false statements. Isn’t that the most “transparent” thing to do?

We hope that Donald Trump, as our president, will put our country first economically, militarily, diplomatically and domestically. We fear that the establishments of both parties will try to change or drag his policies back toward globalism. We expect President Trump will fulfill the vast majority of his campaign promises and if he does, he will be successful in accomplishing his central theme to “Make America Great Again.”