Letter: McCain and Russia


Senator McCain obviously missed the memo from We the People on Nov. 8. Several points to ponder:

McCain is obsessed with the very questionable Russian election influence but never asks about the foreign (Saudi Arabia, etc., contributions) influence on the Clinton campaign.

James Clapper, the CIA director, pitched the Benghazi tragedy as due to the video. So why would John trust his “intelligence” now?

McCain is pushing the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade deal that even Hillary opposed. Also, Michael Wessel – Obama’s own trade official – admitted that the TPP deal would damage America.

McCain has been in Congress for decades. Why has he done nothing about cyber-security for our nation?

Maybe McCain’s advanced age and ego are causing his worrisome confusion. He is an embarrassment and Arizona needs better. Hopefully he will retire soon.

Hank Giesecke