Letter: Our community


Being a Prescott native, I sometimes forget what a wonderful community this is to live in.

On Christmas Eve, while helping my mother into our vehicle at Safeway in Prescott, I dropped my wallet in the snow. Several hours later I noticed my wallet was missing and, to my horror, it was Christmas Eve and the store was closed.

My husband and I went to the Safeway parking lot late in the evening with a snow shovel in hopes we would find the wallet. After an uneventful shoveling, I waited, hoping someone found my wallet and turned it in to customer service.

Christmas morning I was rewarded with a miracle and a very kind, thoughtful person had turned my wallet in – everything intact! I can’t thank this person enough for their honesty. I will never forget their kindness.

I can’t imagine too many other communities where something like this would happen.

Barb DeWitt