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12:42 AM Sun, Oct. 21st

Letter: New wise words


Words of wisdom like, “to be seen and not heard” and “if you cannot say something nice, don’t say anything at all” that have been engrained in us by our “greatest generation” post-World War II parents, are not the phrases of this world any longer.

To be silent, sit idly by and not “stand up and speak out” for our democracy and freedom, given to us by our founding fathers through our Constitution, is politically and morally dangerous in today’s volatile, diverse political arena. It is delusional, naïve and unpatriotic, to think otherwise. One only needs to look as far as the polarized, polluted, partisan White House, Congress and Senate, led by a rogue, charismatic, and cataclysmic businessman, now president, who once stated, “I alone can run the country!” And most disturbing are the comments made by Mr. Trump’s policy adviser, Stephen Miller on Meet the Press, Sunday, Feb. 12: “Judiciary is not supreme” and the “Powers of the president will not be questioned” (

These are frightening words coming from a “democratic societies” leadership and I, as a concerned citizen, feel these statements are flirting with the world’s ugly history of one man’s dictatorship and reign of terror.

There is an alarming and growing concern regarding the non-working, non-functional, non-cohesive and chaotic process of this new administration. For weeks now, thousands of people have taken to the streets in protest of their dissatisfaction and distrust of transparency, as well as the lack of fundamental knowledge/understanding of “independent judiciary” and “separation of powers,” his revengeful, eye for an eye personality who disparages and bullies federal judges, heads of state or anyone who questions his authority. These actions are neither attributes nor qualifications that are required to be a leader of a free society.

Please be vigilant. Check your facts!

Tomi Richardson

Prescott Valley