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10:29 PM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Rants & Raves: Dec. 31, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about it in 40 words or less.

  • I appreciate Eric Moore’s columns on birds every week. Interesting stories that are a learning experience.

  • Let’s kick all the white Christians out of Flagstaff and make it the capital of the Navajo Nation. Makes as much sense as kicking all the Arab Muslims out of Jerusalem and making it the capital of Israel.

  • Trying to end homelessness without having a moral base is like chopping the tops off of weeds; unless you pull them out by the roots, they just keep coming back. Get to the root of the problem: morality.

  • I had been “egged,” could not clean it up myself. On Christmas Eve, Chino Valley Fire came by to clean up the mess for me. They were wonderful and I’ll never be able to thank them enough!

  • Death row inmates get more in house freedom. What?! Is humanity just breaking out again?

  • Needed, critical/non-critical thinking should be reformed for victimless/non-violent offenders. The sentencing element also needs reform. “Out the box” option is a great idea, to help encourage, “personal” reform! This is how government should work.

  • Looking for change: Not saying the letter writer is wrong, but why would someone buy an electric car without first investigating the availability of power stations outside the home? That’s like buying a diesel and not having a source for diesel.

  • Service animal law: Real service animals should be licensed. No one has a problem with a real service animal but we do have a problem with Fido in the grocery store.

  • Do not be fooled, anyone can call themselves a Christian. Environmentalists have run out of options, since Obama is out of the picture. They are now playing like they are doing God’s work to try and stop oil drilling.

  • This may be the first complaint Police Chief Black will hear about the extra security during Prescott special events. I hate it. Through fear mongering, she and other security experts are turning our happy little town into a big city.

  • Finally a tax cut for people who pay taxes! What took so long? Oh, Obama!

  • I support legalization for DACA recipients, but oppose a path to citizenship. I also want us to exploit natural resources, such as coal and oil, throughout the U.S. and in Arizona, and get away from this emphasis on renewable resources.

  • Service animals: I work in a hospital and, yes, a lot and I mean a lot of people misuse that service dog issue. There are lots of places dogs should not be allowed.

  • Out of control kids, out of control dogs. It’s time to start holding people responsible for both. Folks shouldn’t have to clean up the mess left behind and they certainly shouldn’t live in fear of either.

  • THANK YOU for covering of the story of a family burned out of their home just before Christmas! The firefighters and volunteers who came to their aid were truly heroes, both at the fire and afterward with gifts.

  • To the thief who stole our Christmas laser lights in the Prescott Country Club over Christmas weekend, come back and we will give you the remote control that operates them and the instruction manual.

  • Two Christmas movies that were left out of your lists for best films: “Elf” starring Will Farrell (absolutely hilarious), and “Mixed Nuts” starring Steve Martin & Madelyn Kahn (for grownups only) also very funny.

  • The minimum wage increases are so minimal that inflation will probably result in a decrease in real earnings.

  • PRIORITY: The City of Prescott needs more police officers and firemen before spending millions of dollars on expanding the airport. We need more protection for our citizens as the first priority.

  • Dozens of Arizona death-row inmates no longer in solitary – great idea. They have been convicted of a crime; however, they are still humans and need a chance to experience life until the last appeal is complete.

  • We seem to be systematically destroying the educational system by forcing courses. All disciplines and cultural courses should be available and required equally in order to provide a well-rounded and objective education. Otherwise, it promotes ignorance among the young.

  • So, Rep. Stringer wants to waste more time and money to “protect” the people of Arizona from the big bad federal government. What a joke. Do something worthwhile for a change.

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