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10:24 PM Mon, Dec. 10th

Letter: Legal opioid use


I have been reading about the “need” to limit opioid prescriptions in the effort to reduce deaths from drug overdoses. It seems that most of the overdoses are from other than prescribed medicines.

I realize that in some cases the initial drug that created an addict was prescribed. However, I feel that the vast overwhelming majority of prescribed drugs are taken safely and do not result in anything but pain relief.

Both me and my wife were in circumstances that required long-term pain relief that was provided by opioid medicines. In my wife’s case she used pain killers for many years before she was a candidate for surgery. The opioids enabled her to work and live a normal life for those years and she would not have been able to be normal in any sense without the pills. Once she had surgery she had no need for the pills and stopped using them with no ill effects. In my case the time was a lot shorter, many months though. I was able to continue living a normal life until the problem was fixed, only with the help of opioids. Once I returned to normal I stopped using the pills with no ill effects.

State Rep. Lawrence of Scottsdale has the right idea. Let doctors and patients decide how to medicate pain. Those in need of relief should not be denied or hampered from getting help because the state interjected itself between the doctor and patient.

Ned Dolan