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8:56 AM Sat, Oct. 20th

Letter: Petulant ways


In today’s political arena, partisan politics and chaotic leadership, I believe it is time to examine the attributes associated with the highest office of the land and those exhibited by the present occupants at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

First and foremost, leadership is a choice and good leaders would never sacrifice their people or workers for numbers or money. They make a choice to sacrifice themselves for others to benefit and to protect their nation. They lead by example, share their vision, energize and motivate people, but more importantly, they exhibit empathy and truthfulness which enables them to garner the trust and respect of the nation.

As an observer of the current administration who chooses to sacrifice people and nation for poll numbers and money is premeditated, deliberate and dishonest. Insults, lying, lack of empathy, unquestioning subordination and expected obedience are unethical traits, symptoms and intentions that you see in an oligarchy, government by the few, regime who are rich, powerful and exercise control for corrupt and selfish purposes. James Madison, the Father of our checks and balances said, “Beware of powerful men in powerful positions!”

In our “partisan” atmosphere, Mr. Trump can blatantly lie, knowing his base trusts him more than the dishonest media. His narcissistic personality, threatening demeanor and lack of personal restraint have led to division, chaos and should be of great concern in our nation.

We should be fired up and outraged over the entire “toxic” agenda of this polluted administration and Mr. Trump’s childish, petulant ways.

Tomi Richardson

Prescott Valley