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7:07 PM Mon, Jan. 21st

Letter: What happened?


I am bewildered.

The party of fiscal responsibility and deficit hawks wants to pass a so called tax reform bill that experts across the political spectrum say would increase the deficit by $1.4 trillion.

The party that once touted free trade wants to decimate NAFTA when years ago Speaker Gingrich praised President Clinton for having the courage to support NAFTA despite opposition from Democrats.

The party whose iconic beloved Ronald Reagan referred to Communist Russia as the Evil Empire NOW snuggles up to the Big Bear like he’s a warm plushy.

The party that claims a corner on family values is embracing a guy once banned from malls for preying on teen girls and accused of assaulting a 14-year-old when he was a district attorney, RATHER THAN elect a moderate democrat who successfully prosecuted the four Klansmen who dynamited the 16th Street Baptist Church killing four little girls.

The party that claims to be pro-life but supports the use of cluster bombs that kill and maim innocent children all over the world.

The party that claims to represent the moral majority but elected as president, an emotionally crippled, serial philanderer, bankruptcy mogul; a verifiable liar and bully who makes fun of the disabled — because their hatred of fellow citizens from the other party is greater than their love of country.

What happened?

Lee Reeves