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12:36 AM Tue, Oct. 23rd

Facing their final year inspires poetry

Seniors share wisdom and wit about final year of school through personal poetry

Mary Frate on the lawn with her notebook. (Courtesy)

Mary Frate on the lawn with her notebook. (Courtesy)


This story is part of the 'Senior Experience' series by Daily Courier Reporter Nanci Hutson

The senior year of high school is for most a bundle of emotions: exhilaration and exhaustion; stressful and sensational; fantasy and frustration; relaxed and revved up.

My personal recollection was all of these, and more. I couldn’t wait for the year to end, but at the same time I dreaded leaving everything and everyone I had known from kindergarten through graduation. I was excited for college, but scared to leave home. I yearned for freedom, but feared I might screw it all up.

Some 40 years later, I remember with great fondness the friendships I nurtured — thanks to Facebook a number have endured through time and distance. I now appreciate the obstacles as teachable moments that directed me to paths I would have otherwise never have discovered.

Senior year for me was all, and nothing, that I expected. I presume that remains true today; senior year is an individual experience unique to each student, and will play out through their perspectives and perceptions.

For the 2017-18 school year, the Daily Courier is exploring the Senior Experience through the lives of real students, parents, teachers and administrators. As students prepare for their holiday breaks, we share poems written by three seniors about this pivotal time in their lives. We appreciate their candor and creativity.

Senior Year

By Theresa Gutierrez

A few more months until graduation

When yesterday feels like I was just in kindergarten

Senior year is here, our time is now

Let’s make the most of it before our final bow.

One more year with childhood friends

As the departure after graduation quickly impends.

So I cherish the memories and friendships made,

Even times when teachers are lenient with my grade.

This last year is a time of fun,

Until the final bell of school has rung.

Carry on with confidence and no regrets

To be the person that no one ever forgets.


By Mary Frate

Senior year is stressful

Energy is at an all-time low, but

Nothing you throw at me will knock me off my course

I will succeed no matter what

Once I make it to the finish line nothing will stop me from Receiving what the future has in store for me.

Being A Senior

By Drew Christensen

After three years of endless stress

People tell you senior year, you get to rest

As relaxing as that sounds, it is untrue

As a senior you have hundreds of things to do

From applications to scholarships, & doing well all around

It begins to feels as if you are weighed down

Challenging as it is, it can be done

Although I can tell you it will NOT be fun

Just keep going and don’t slow down

Just remember soon you will soon be college bound.