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11:09 PM Wed, Dec. 12th

Letter: What party?


In response to the letter by Roy H. Smith, Daily Courier, Dec. 2, in which he demands that Mayor Mengarelli apologize for identifying himself as a conservative Republican, a Christian and a member of the NRA. It has been shown that Mr. Mengarelli did not violate any laws or break any rules.

Instead, he chose to tell the voters something about himself and what he stands for before voters made choices. He chose to identify his political party affiliation and religious beliefs at the risk of losing some disagreeing voters.

I was very glad that Mr. Mengarelli spoke up. He did it on purpose so that the people would understand him before they voted.

Mr. Smith’s claim that he unnecessarily politicized a local election is so ridiculous it’s funny. It was an election for the office of City Mayor. It is politics. His religious beliefs are his and the voters can choose to accept those or not but he chose not to hide them. Mr. Smith seems to be offended by those beliefs. I think that says a lot about Mr. Smith.

I was not offended by the statements made by Mr. Mengarelli. Instead, I was very glad because it was helpful. It helped in identifying him as to who he is and what he stands for. All voters had the same opportunity to see who he is and then make a choice. They did. It’s too bad that this offends Mr. Smith. This is how our system works. No apology is necessary or needed. All I see from Mr. Smith is sour grapes.

R.J. McMillan