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10:03 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Letter: Justice takes time


There seems to be expressed that if you are a politician, state or federal, regardless of political party, gender, color, that if you are accused of some type of “sexual misdeed” regardless of the time and place where the act, if they even did, that you are “guilty” of the allegation!

The crowd is in a frenzy! Disprove it is shouted! Disprove it! If you were a disgruntled employee or even knew that person yesterday or years ago and you claim that there was such a “sexual misdeed” how can that person accused disprove it except by denial?

This public forum of accusations reminds me of the ancient Roman coliseum – if you were hinted at being a Christian you were thrown into the lion’s pit and if you survived then perhaps you were not what the public said you were.

Consider that if the misdeed were done and it was acknowledged under “color of office” then, of course, that person should be expelled from whatever position the person held. If that person used the power of his/her office.

What difference does it make if the “sexual misdeed” allegedly occurred prior to the person taking public office? If the alleged “misdeed” occurred 40 years before the person held public office why should that “misdeed” be of relevance in today’s forum?

There are always sharks in the water but when there is blood introduced into that water, the sharks stir into a frenzy. How can you undo the allegation? Or take back the blood in the water?

Michael Peters