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11:10 AM Thu, Dec. 13th

Letter: No thanks to tolls


I read your last editorial about toll roads. In it you wrote that those that come here to visit and don’t pay taxes should pay for the roads they use. How will the “toll booths” differentiate locals from visitors?

I also have another gripe about having to pay for a service that I haven’t used for the past 30 plus years. Schools.

If you think that visitors should pay their fair share why do I have to pay for schools that I do not use?

I am on Social Security and have NOT received a raise for the past five or six years. In fact my checks have been getting smaller.

This last “raise” resulted in $11.50 less in my monthly check. Yet my property taxes keep going up due to new school bonds? My grocery and gas costs have gone up too. I agree with you that we shouldn’t have to pay for something we do not use.

Andy Kollmer