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1:13 AM Tue, Oct. 16th

Letter: That takes guts


I have to commend Mr. Sain for his column about “Not drinking the Kool Aid.” With the state of affair’s regarding our political climate, it takes guts to put out an opinion like this. Especially in this most Red of states. I myself have always adhered to the best candidate mantra when voting. While his comparison to the Jonestown Massacre was a bit over the top. He made sure the reader would understand his point.

Apparently, Dr. Mark Sensmeier did not.

With our politics’ being what they are today — (the inept leadership we now have in the White House does not help -- everyone on all sides should choose to vote for those that deserve it, party affiliation or not. It is there where we’ll begin to change the culture of our politics’ in the future.

Edward Tobolik

Skull Valley