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4:36 PM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Letter: Mayor should apologize


This letter is in response to Dr. Mark Sensmeier’s letter in which he condemns Mr. Sain for his recent column.

What is clearly “Beyond the Pale” Dr. Mark Sensmeier, is that Mr. Mengarelli, one of your party members, had the audacity to parade his political affiliations in a non-partisan local election while at the same time attempting to demean his mayoral opposition, Jean Wilcox. His religious affiliation seem somewhat dubious given the manner in which he demeaned Councilwomen Wilcox in the mayoral race, a women who has worked long hours over the past four years to make Prescott a more livable community. Why Mr. Mengarelli also felt it important to inform our community that he was a member of the NRA, is fairly obvious in our increasingly tribalized society: Vote the party not the principle. He was hewing to a traditional party line that can only have the effect of dividing our community, just as his party and president are dividing our country. I believe Mr. Mengarelli owes an apology to this community for his unnecessary politicizing of a local election, clearly for personal gain. By politicizing his earthly and heavenly affiliations - that have no place in a position that serves our diverse community -- he has become a suspect player for those who were repulsed by his mayoral campaign’s promotional literature. I certainly was.

Roy H. Smith