Letter: McCain should resign


No one doubts Senator McCain’s strength of character in the face of hardship. Now, he faces death. We all will. His will come sooner rather than later. This is hardly news. He is 80 years old with aggressive brain cancer.

Senator McCain has the opportunity to continue his life of service by modeling for us all on how to face reality with dignity. He needs to drop that false macho ‘I’ll be back soon!’ posture. However many months or years he has left should be spent on treatment (if he wishes) and otherwise with his family, settling his personal affairs and sharing his love and memories with his loved ones.

From a public and practical perspective, he just started a six-year term that he obviously will not complete. For whatever time he has left, he simply cannot fulfill the demands of that position. The issues facing the country are too important. Arizona needs two full-time Senators.

If he loves this country and our state more than his personal status, he owes it to us to resign and let the business of the country go forward with someone in his place who can give the attention that these times require. Someone will replace him in his public position soon, whether he delays it to his last breath or not. But no one can replace him in his private position as husband, father, and grandfather. He should put his energies toward those things that only he can be.

Best wishes to the Senator as he faces this last challenge.

Mary Frederickson