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1:02 AM Sun, Dec. 16th


Geez I love it. The pernicious issue of “dark money” has come right here to our hometown. A front page article in today’s Courier (Aug. 4) tells us that mayoral candidate, Mary Beth Hrin has hired a lawyer to file a defamation lawsuit attempting to block the organization that sent out two mailers attacking her. The lawsuit will also attempt to learn who paid the organization to create and send the mailers. Lots of luck!

The U. S. Supreme Court in 2010 ruled that money is protected free speech. Anyone can now send huge amounts of money to a “social welfare organization” supporting or defaming a candidate and the source of that “speech” must remain secret. That’s why it’s called “dark money.” It will be interesting to see if Ms. Hrin’s attorney can shine a light on where that money came from. I don’t think he’ll be successful.

At least 11 nationwide organizations are working to overturn the court’s disastrous decision known as Citizens United. Prescott-area Move to Amend is part of that effort. It won’t be easy. It will require a constitutional amendment. But the integrity of our elections and our very democracy is at stake. You’ll see us down on the courthouse square next Saturday getting names on our petition to show our legislators we want an amendment to put a stop to big money secretly distorting our elections. Think about it folks. This is important!

Loring Cannon