Letter: No sanctuary


I would wish to express the concepts expressed by Chief of Police Bryan Jarrell of Prescott Valley (Daily Courier, April 2, 2017) are contrary to the views of the American voting public, especially in light of last November’s national elections. I would offer that America has had enough of the chronic criminal activity engaged in by immigrants from all parts of the world that are here undocumented. As much as our communities have been proactive and very successful in creating dynamic drug, veteran and mental court processes, the police also need to be enforcing all the laws that keep the good citizens safe.

In my 29-year career as a City of Los Angeles police officer, I saw a great metropolitan city slide into many sub-groups, where both the assimilation of immigrants and the elimination of street gang activity became impossible to achieve. Nationally, in major urban areas, the English language is secondary to a menagerie of foreign languages being spoken. As a result of such varied spoken languages, the governmental roles of policing and teaching, are more difficult to achieve. There is a process to become an American citizen and/or a legal resident. Simply stated: the immigration policy of the United States, one that all of our fore-bearers were held to, is a proven success story, assimilating those who want to become Americans. So why not retain it today?

I wish to respectfully submit, it is not the role of the police within our communities to determine which laws to enforce or ignore.

Richard W. Hartman