Firefighters break toilet to free Texas woman's arm (video)

NEW CANEY, Texas - A woman who got her hand stuck in a toilet had to call firefighters to break the commode and free her arm.

Gracie Henderson of New Caney, near Houston, was attempting to fix a clogged toilet with her hand April 12 because she didn't have a plunger.

"I was just gonna see if I could feel a wad of toilet paper or something I could just pull out," Henderson told the Houston Chronicle. "But then my hand wouldn't come back out."

Henderson's wristwatch apparently got stuck on the inner workings of the toilet.

Firefighters responding to the call removed the toilet from the restroom and carried it to the back yard, where they used a sledgehammer to break the commode and free Henderson's arm.

A friend recored video and later posted it to Facebook.