Column: Democrats just don’t get it

When Hillary Clinton lost the election last year, Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists and leftists were stupefied. Even as they consoled themselves that Hillary won the popular vote, (my own opinion is that an investigation will show massive voter fraud), their panic at the loss of their progressive/socialist Nirvana agenda is palpable. They don’t understand what happened. They point fingers at phantoms like the alleged Trump Team/Putin conspiracy and seem to neglect any introspection that might help them implement policies that would assist them to win over voters.

Meanwhile, they encourage division and dissension by pointing to the obviously orchestrated anarchist arson, window smashing and property damage at protests by proclaiming them as “spontaneous.” Some of their leaders, with a wink and a nod, state their abhorrence of violence, while sanctimoniously referring to the First Amendment right to protest and tacitly encouraging such violence. The First Amendment does NOT protect violent criminal behavior or damage to property as a means of protest.

So where did the Democrats go wrong? The public can only be fooled for so long before they start realizing that they are being scammed. When the Democrats tell us that their policies have reduced the unemployment rate from eight years ago, they are using statistics to obscure facts. While it is true that the unemployment rate went from 7.9 percent to under 5 percent, the Labor Force Participation rate fell 4.1 percent. As of May of 2016, over 13 million more people were on food stamps. Real income for American households was down 2.3 percent. Home ownership is down 5.6 percent. Even if they didn’t know the stats, Americans knew that the rosy picture the Democrats were painting was a mirage.

So the Democrats’ policies created a situation where less people were working, income and home ownership were down and government assistance was up. They thought that by insuring that more of the populace was dependent on government aide and more Hispanics would be voting for them because of their open borders stance, that the Democrats would win across the board last November. They also wanted to extend their voting base to ex-con felons. What a surprise!

They abandoned many of their historical supporters, such as coal miners, thinking that there are more radical environmentalists voters. With the trade policies the establishment Democrats and Republicans espoused, the steel workers, auto workers and manufacturing employees felt lost in the political process. These blocks of voters were ripe for the Trump campaign to harvest.

Law enforcement officers at all levels felt like they had been under attack for the last eight years by an Administration that took every opportunity to condemn them for acting “stupidly” in Cambridge, Massachusetts or promoting the fake “Hands up, don’t shoot” myth that started in Ferguson, Missouri. After the Democrat Party embraced the Black Lives Matter movement, hosted them as invited guests at their convention, few in law enforcement would vote for any Democrat. When Candidate Donald Trump praised police at every rally and did the same for our military, he sewed up the vast majority of their votes and those of their families and friends. When the Democrats choose convicts and ex-convicts over the cops, why would they expect law enforcement and their loved ones to vote for them? By the way, isn’t it nice to hear a president champion the military and law enforcement at almost every public speech?

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