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6:09 AM Sat, Nov. 17th

Editorial: ‘Your’ President? He belongs to U.S.

Accompanied by a bit of exasperation over the past several days, I have been asked many times “how do you like your new President?”

Surprised by the “your,” this goes along with “He’s not my President” – to which I have replied the same each time: “I’m an American, and feel the same as I did eight years ago: nervous.”

Folks, whether or not I voted for Barack Obama then or Donald Trump now, this is the time for us to come together. He is “our” President. In fact, we have all learned a few things:

• I have heard people say, “If (Trump / Hillary Clinton – you pick) wins, I’m leaving the country.” I don’t believe it, and you won’t do it.

• “The mainstream media is to blame.” Yes and no. Yes, I saw talking heads eating a lot of crow Tuesday night; no, those unhappy with business as usual were more unhappy than the media or pollsters and party heads thought.

• The business of conducting polls and making predictions has been turned upside down; no one predicted a Trump win. Will we ever believe a “scientific” poll ever again?

• The Electoral College, part of the fabric of our republic (that’s what it is) and the Constitution, does not need to be repealed or replaced. No, the system worked the way it’s supposed to (even though Clinton won the popular vote). This is not Greece – a true Democracy.

• What happens if … Trump repeals ObamaCare; deports Latin Americans; closes the borders to all immigrants or even only Muslims (fill in the blank from what protesters have been saying). Relax, I believe President-elect Trump is learning repeal would harm too, deporting (all?) is impossible, and closing the borders completely (not just the U.S.-Mexico border) is unrealistic. (Also, I don’t recall protests four and eight years ago!)

As for predictions that Arizona’s Proposition 205, the effort to legalize recreational marijuana, still could “win” – because some tens of thousands of provisional ballots remain and the margin is 81,000 votes – that too I do not believe. The trend of 52-to-48 percent, with prop 205 failing, has changed only 1 percent since Tuesday evening (but we’ll keep an eye on it anyway).

I am nervous. I may still be surprised – like I was early Wednesday morning to hear a victory speech – but I am optimistic.

- Tim Wiederaenders, city editor