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10:45 AM Sat, Nov. 17th

Letter: Flint: what about the kids?


The Flint, Michigan, water crisis was set in motion two years ago when state officials decided to cut costs by sourcing the city’s water supply from the Flint River, rather than paying to pipe it in from Detroit.

A few months later, Flint’s water supply became enormously contaminated with lead. A spawn of complaints ensued, including skin rashes, hair loss, memory problems, aches and pains, and other unexplained symptoms, especially in children.

After more than a year of stonewalling, officials restored the original Detroit water supply. Things are improving, but residual contamination, though lessening, continues to be a problem.

President Obama, ambassador to far-flung places, on Wednesday, May 4, paid a visit to Flint and promised “to ride herd on leaders at all levels of government until every drop of water flowing into homes in flint, was safe to use.”

Neither Obama, nor any other voice of authority, has commented on the great amount of damage already done to many thousands of residents, especially the children, all suffering now from acute and chronic lead poisoning.

The only way to effectively remove lead and other toxic heavy metals is by Chelation Therapy. This can be done orally or intravenously. The latter method is much more efficient and less time-consuming. Many naturopathic physicians in Flint are already prepared to administer Chelation Therapy. Using EDTA (Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate), it forms a tight bond with lead, resulting in a water-soluble complex that can be excreted in urine.

I sincerely hope that the folks in Flint, Michigan, are being made aware of how they can rid their bodies of lead poisoning with Chelation Therapy.

Benjamin Souler