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12:24 PM Tue, Nov. 20th

Letter: Column on Republicans


I just finished reading a Dec. 21 column by Will Durst titled “Republicans are the masters of not getting over things.” He begins by calling our president-elect “a high-strung petulant flake soon to be in control of the nuclear codes.” He goes on to call out Trump for “tweeting frivolous 3 a.m. insults at Alec Baldwin.” I wonder what the reaction of Obama supporters would have been if an editorial writer had called our current president a “flake” during his apology tour just prior to his inauguration in 2009? I also wonder which is worse, tweeting at 3 a.m. or actively campaigning against a political opponent during a conference with foreign leaders overseas, as Obama did late in the campaign? Not very presidential, in my opinion.

The writer goes on about Republicans “crying about his citizenship” for eight years. Obama exacerbated this issue by not releasing his official birth certificate until several months after it was first raised as an issue.

The next target for Durst is Mitch McConnell, who he quotes as saying his first order of business was to deny Obama a second term. Well gee whiz! What a surprise that a leader of the opposite party would work to deny his opponent a second term!

Then there is Obamacare. Durst decries Republican congressional members’ several attempts to repeal it. Here again is a “gee whiz” moment. Why would they not try to repeal a law that had absolutely no Republican support, and that would have such a major impact on the U.S. economy?

He then references the Benghazi catastrophe as another example of “not getting over it.” Well, Will, I haven’t gotten over it either. When a political leader lies about the reason for an attack that killed several brave Americans trying to defend their ambassador and his staff, it’s hard to “get over.”

Next, we’re treated to Durst’s rant about Hillary winning the popular vote, Trump not declaring the Russians the hackers of the DNC, and the Republicans giving the hackers a pass because “Russians are white.” Wow, Will, you really threw in all of the Democrat talking points!

First of all, Will, in this country, the elections are decided by the Electoral College, not the popular vote. Perhaps a brush up in basic civics would help. Secondly, a request by congress for a briefing by the intelligence agencies on the information they had on these hacks was turned down by these same agencies. Where is the actual proof? If they have it, let’s see it! As to what Trump said about the Russians releasing Hillary’s emails was a joke! Get over it, Will!

It sounds like Will Durst could be one of those angry white men that Bill Clinton recently referred to as his latest excuse for Hillary’s resounding loss.

Hadley Mills