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2:57 PM Mon, Oct. 15th

Editorial: It’s time to grow up and move on

This past week a swastika showed up in the dirt on part of the Peavine Trail. It alarmed some local hikers. It definitely isn’t something we’re used to around here.

Across the country, there are reports of the same symbol spray painted on vehicles and buildings.

Are these incidents signs of something more ominous going on? Reactions to a new administration – one that some dimwitted people think will be all about white power?


Is the constant social media name calling and hateful Facebook posts going around a sign of something deeper and connected to a white power movement?


All of this bad behavior is simply immature people using the turmoil of our election to act out.

They assume because many people are still fighting over the election outcome that it is time for them to act like animals.

Any excuse to behave badly, basically.

It’s time to grow up, folks.

If you don’t want to gather around in a circle with your neighbors and sing “Kumbaya” or anything, that’s fine.

But you are an American and a human being and we are ALL in this together, so at least treat each other accordingly.

If you didn’t like the election results, work at getting things changed in four years. Stop posting hate-filled rants online. Stop finding fault with everything someone else says to you. Stop being petty.

If you stop with the hate, those weaker-minded people who are randomly tagging things with symbols they truly don’t understand will most likely stop. What’s the point to doing it if the rest of us have moved on and refuse to fan the flames of discontent?

It’s just a thought.