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5:01 AM Mon, Oct. 22nd

Letter: Corruption


A recent letter to the editor recommended that voters see the movie “Hillary’s America” before voting, and then vote for “law and order” (apparently the domain of Republicans) instead of “dishonesty and corruption” (i.e.., Democrats). Sorry, but ”Richard Nixon” is not a synonym for law and order, and George W Bush’s greatest achievement was the invasion of Iraq which let him pump out millions of barrels of Iraqi oil per day, then sell it to China while US gas prices skyrocketed. No corruption there? (See the excellent movie “W” by Oliver Stone for details.)

Most importantly, before you vote, read “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Radical Right.” Investigative journalist Jane Mayer researched her book extensively for five years. It focuses on the political strategies of multibillionaire Charles Koch and his followers. Poor Mr. Koch, who complained incessantly about the Obama administration’s bad economic policies, somehow managed to triple his personal fortune from 14 billion dollars to 42 billion dollars during that time period.

Koch’s brilliant idea was that rather than having multibillionaires bidding against each other with their various political “contributions,” they would be far more effective as a unified group. Appalled by the election of a black, populist president, he held a series of very secret seminars for the top 1 percent of the “One Percenters,” and they agreed that by combining their extensive assets and “investing” in conservative organizations, colleges, and “think tanks,” they could basically brainwash the American public into believing in laws and voting for politicians that would be enormously financially beneficial to the superwealthy. They could keep the minimum wage low, avoid paying employee benefits, eviscerate OSHA, minimize any form of “welfare” including Social Security, keep their tax rate lower than yours, and enjoy the benefits of government patronage and troops to protect “American interests” on foreign soil, while simultaneously off-shoring as many jobs as possible, charging American consumers inflated prices (especially for prescription drugs), and wreaking havoc on the environment here and abroad. All of this gets wrapped up in a pseudo-religious creed of “family values,” which keeps everyone focused on abortion and homosexuality while the thieves are busily stealing the silverware.

Dark money is non-partisan; it buys whatever politicians are for sale. But do think twice before you vote for the politics of hate, and don’t be fooled into voting for people who don’t care about kids, education, our forests and other natural resources. Don’t let them profit from the sale of our future.

Pam Gordon