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1:04 PM Tue, Nov. 13th

Letter: A good old boys club

A good old boys club


I have had six kids in school here in Prescott. I'm not recommending voting one way or another on the bond or override, I just need to share my thoughts.

I not only have kids in school, I work in the schools. I find the Prescott Unified School District to be a good old boys club with very little interest in improving their product. What product? Educating our kids to a competitive level.

My oldest graduated from Prescott High and flunked every entrance exam to take college level classes at Yavapai. I held her while she told me how "stupid" she was. Really, stupid? Or just let down by a high school that dealt with learning problems by assigning her to pointless classes (like teacher's assistant) that would never help her get into college.

Later, we adopted two middle school age children from China and placed them part time at Mile High Middle School. No one had a plan, they basically just sat my kids in the back of the classroom.

PUSD is a completely passive experience. If you get a good teacher, he/she will not be supported. If you get a bad teacher, nothing will be done to change that.

We now attend BASIS school. I see incredible dedication from these teachers. The choice of curriculum and assignments is exciting and compelling. We have interesting and spirited conversations now at the dinner table about things the kids have learned during the day. Is it challenging? Yes! Shouldn't school be?

I'm tired of supporting tired out government institutions that do nothing but serve themselves.

Susan Kuhner