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7:51 PM Wed, Dec. 12th

Letter to the editor: SC tragedy and society


The tragedy in Charleston defies words or logic. In the aftermath of this unspeakable tragedy by a young mad so filled with hate, one has to ask, not where he got the gun but where did he get the mindset to use it in such a mentally deranged manner. We hear the words "white supremacist" and "Hate Crime." That after so many years, so much legislation and that we think we have come so far in race relations, yet that there is new generation of young people who have inherited mutant genes and mutant. thinking from their parents, or friends speaks so sadly of our culture. There are combat veterans who have returned home from wars gone by or those still being fought, with thoughts they cannot erase from their memories. There are people being treated with psychotic medicines by quacks or worse those not being treated at all who see the world in a much different way. There is at least one gun in the United States for every living man woman and child. If a person wants a gun, they will get a gun and no legislation will stop that access. The focus needs to be on the mind of the person in whose hand the gun rests. Congress and State legislatures need to address mental health issues with a sense of passion and urgency. When I hear the words, "white supremacist," I think of its synonym, "Loser." My heart goes out to the Charleston Church, its Congregation and the people of Charleston. My sympathies also to gutless Senators and Congressmen with no backbone to address the real problem, the mind and a society breeding deranged psychotics.

Ken Singer