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3:45 PM Wed, Oct. 17th

Gosar amendment blocking ammo ban 'inspired by citizens from Prescott'

PRESCOTT - Rep. Paul Gosar's successful amendment to a House appropriations bill that would stop the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) from banning importation of "7N6" ammunition came about after attendees at Prescott forum complained, according to a press release from Gosar's staff.

The ATF, in a Special Advisory notice issued April 7, 2014, said the 7N6 5.45 x 39 rounds were studied after a request from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency (CPB).

A 1986 law makes importing "armor piercing ammunition" illegal.

"When ATF tested the 7N6 samples provided by CBP, they were found to contain a steel core," the Special Advisory said. "ATF's analysis also concluded that the ammunition could be used in a commercially available handgun, the Fabryka Bronie Radom, Model Onyks 89S, 5.45x39 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which was approved for importation into the United States in November 2011.

"Accordingly, the ammunition is "armor piercing"...and is therefore not importable," the Special Advisory said.

Gosar's amendment was attached to the Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2016.

"After years of having a sportsman exemption, ATF reclassified 7N6 only after finding an extremely rare and obscure Polish-made pistol that could supposedly shoot the 7N6 cartridge," Gosar said. "Banning 7N6 ammunition commonly used by sportsmen for target practice through a misguided advisory is another example of federal overreach by the ATF."

Gosar said that only 200 of the pistols to which the ATF referred were ever made.

"The idea for the amendment was inspired by citizens from Prescott, Arizona," he said.

"This issue came on my radar at a forum held in March of this year when a large number of my constituents expressed their outrage about ATF reclassifying imported 7N6 ammunition as 'armor piercing,' thus preventing this ammo from being imported."

Gosar's release noted that "7N6 ammo is very affordable and has been used for target practice by sportsmen for years."