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3:42 PM Wed, Oct. 17th

Letter: Education help


When will folks realize that a good economic base for a community, is a community that values education. One that pays teachers, classified personal and administrators a respectable salary. Not one that resents dollars spent on what really keeps our entire country moving forward. To the person who wrote that their property taxes have escalated, it might just be because we are not getting people to buy up here in Prescott, bringing their dollars for services, merchandise and equipment. If they were coming, then perhaps the taxes could be spread around more.

Our reputation for being Everyone's Hometown's is just a joke. It may be the hometown to retired folks that just do not care about the next generation. That next generation could be our health care professional and you know we need those as we age. Let me know how it feels when you cannot find a doctor, dentist or home care professional because we no longer offer good schools and colleges for their children. If our services and access to good quality healthcare and basic services shrink, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Would you as a young family move to Arizona knowing that we rank so low in the quality of education. We always talk about family values, yes talk is cheap and when it comes time to put our money where our mouth is, we clam up. Our own legislators have cut education once again. Then they turn around and tell us that our state is growing economically. The two cannot coexist. Please do not believe this fairy tale. At this point, I truly believe that this state is going to be left behind while other states will attract business and professionals because they want to spend the money on what is most important. California is investing heavily in K-12 education and their property values are climbing by leaps and bounds, I watch Arizona cutting education and see the property values decreasing. We are losing ground here and if we do not become proponents and activist for our communities of young families.

Lisa Dutra