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11:01 AM Sun, Dec. 16th

Letter: Criticism does not compute


Your March 26 editor's article about requiring "fair and constructive comments" was especially interesting to me in appearing on the same Opinion Page with the lengthy article "Has the Democratic Party Left You?"

Despite his nice guy, ostensibly reasonable journalistic approach, Buz Williams seemed to denigrate President Obama with an onslaught of specious, passive-aggressive accusations. Historically, in comparing President Truman's courageously sensible A-bomb attacks on Japan with President Obama's flawed efforts to consistently compromise to avoid our military's involvement in more wars, overlooks some key variables. Although the two situations are totally different to anyone familiar with WW II, both presidents' decisions were paradoxically similar in attempting to spare more lives!

I personally consider most of Williams' examples of Obama's disastrous presidential decisions are non sequiturs, suggesting he dislikes Obama for his own personal reasons, whatever they are. Otherwise, his seemingly objective journalism wouldn't have also so obviously omitted the other side of President Obama's legacy.

Here are just a couple of examples: As he was being swore into his first term in office, key Republicans, including McConnell, virtually swore an oath to resist all of his proposals and get him out of office; and that's been their most consistent goal for the past six years. As a freshman senator, Obama was also one of the few to vote against Bush's invasion and subsequent 10-year occupation of Iraq. Obama's administration was instrumental in rescuing our nation from the most disastrous recession since the Great Depression, essentially caused by wealth and greed, not the middle class.

In closing, Williams' lengthy article reminds me of an old saw: The pen is mightier than the sword (in attacking someone's character).

Larry Wonderling, Ph.D.