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2:39 AM Thu, Jan. 17th

Letter: Foreign attitudes must change on immigration


In answer to Larry Wonderling's charges that those of us opposed to illegal immigration are "selfish, insensitive and inhumane," I suggest he apply those terms to the wealthy citizens and governments of the countries in South America that do nothing to share their wealth with their own citizens or fix their ineffective governments. They are blatantly using the U.S. as their welfare state. As long as they can look the other way while their citizens pour across the border for jobs, welfare and healthcare and also send their unaccompanied totally dependent minors here, they have no incentive to change.

Citizens have no incentive to demand change as long as they know they can come here and live off our country. These people who have no legal right to be here are draining resources that are sorely needed to employ, feed, shelter and give health care to our own citizens. Maybe you could explain this to an American that is unemployed, hungry, homeless or in need of healthcare.

Dianne Haselfeld