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11:17 AM Sat, Jan. 19th

Column: Forget Disabilities Act, try the No Abilities Act

Argus Hamilton

Argus Hamilton

Congress was hit by its lowest job approval ratings in history after they voted to end the three-week U.S. government shutdown. The members were paid during the entire shutdown. Their salaries are guaranteed under The Americans with No Abilities Act.

ObamaCare website glitches prevented anyone from enrolling Friday. ObamaCare is underwritten by a Treasury $17 trillion in debt, overseen by a Surgeon General that's obese and signed into law by a president who smokes. How could anything go wrong?

Barack Obama gave a conciliatory speech after the shutdown ended. It was well-crafted. He ended the speech by predicting a new era of bipartisan cooperation in Washington D.C., which follows the first rule of show business, always leave them laughing.

President Obama signed the debt extension and the budget authorization passed by Congress Thursday, re-opening the U.S. government. There's no reason for the vested interests to worry about a voter backlash. If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal.

House stenographer Diane Reidy broke out in a loud rant during the vote ending the government shutdown. She said it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. She had to explain to disappointed John Boehner that by Holy Spirit she meant God, not brandy made by monks.

President Obama went on TV Thursday to declare the U.S. government is open again after the House vote. He added Joe Biden would personally greet federal workers as they returned after being out of work for 16 days. Haven't these people suffered enough?

The White House laid out its fall legislative agenda Friday as the U.S. sank seventeen trillion dollars in debt and ObamaCare website glitches threw enlistment into total chaos. The president said he's going to concentrate on immigration. He's trying to get into Sweden.