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8:25 PM Thu, Oct. 18th

June is Men's Health Month; let's talk reproductive health

What exactly is Reproductive Health? In this day and age of nonstop talk, reproductive health is not likely to be something that gets much of your time and energy. After reading this I hope you will discuss your reproductive health with your primary care doctor.

Reproductive health (RH) is not just for women, is not just for people trying to get pregnant, but is very important to your overall health. Reproductive health refers to the maintenance of one's reproductive health system and fertility. When you mention RH you are referring to a broad range of topics such as birth control, sexually transmitted infections, your ability to become pregnant, and infertility. Your reproductive health depends on many factors such as your age, lifestyle, and overall health.

For men the concerns include, among other things, male reproductive cancer, urinary tract infections, infertility and sexually transmitted diseases. If any of these subjects pique your attention, call your doctor and schedule an appointment to be checked out today.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your RH:

Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, fruit and take your multivitamins. Many of the green leafy vegetables are reproductive health super foods and nature's multivitamins that contain many of the things your body needs to maintain a healthy RH system. Some of the more beneficial vegetables are spinach, because of the large amounts of iron; ginger root and garlic are great because they increase circulation by opening up blood vessels and stimulating the nervous system.

Fruits that improve RH include oranges, specifically the peel - which you can cook with or dry to make a light summery tea - pears, peaches, plums and mangos. If fresh fruit isn't your thing, try dried fruits like figs, raisins and dates. If you like your food spicy, cumin, black cumin, turmeric and ajwain powder are great for RH.

Bottom line is that reproductive health is important to your entire body and to a certain extent, to peace of mind. If you don't already have a doctor you can talk to about RH, get one today. Your parts will thank you.