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8:45 AM Wed, Nov. 21st

Letter: 'Silver pen' is more misleading than Obama


Tom Purcell's column, "Not the devil, but silver-tongued," is doing the devil's work. The devil misleads, lies, and coerces to change minds, and this is exactly what Purcell's column does.

Purcell says that the president has misled us through grandiose promises of hope and change without following through. The fact that any hope of change requires cooperation is mysteriously left out. The fact that the Republicans' first statement after President Obama's inauguration, "to make Obama a one term president," became their strategy for the next four years, is not mentioned. The fact that the Republicans obstructed and delayed any and all President Obama's initiatives is never mentioned.

Purcell is correct that we are more divided now than at any time in his lifetime, but it is not due to, as Purcell states, "the class warfare he (Obama) waged to win a second term." Purcell and the Republican leadership are out of touch with reality and they love to turn the tables.

One example is this so-called class warfare. The fact is that the Republicans and their big business cronies are the ones waging class warfare. They want to widen the income gap by having the top 2 percent and corporations pay fewer taxes, burdening the middle class. These wealthy folks are already paying lower tax rates than at any time since the 1920s.

Purcell tries to sell the myth that the deficit is the elephant in the room, and that cuts to Medicare and Social Security would be reasonable. In fact, economists agree that economic growth and jobs should be the short- term top priority, and since Republicans and the president don't agree, Purcell tries to blame President Obama for not wanting to negotiate.

Purcell is not the devil, but he certainly misleads with his silver pen.

Bob Lynne