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4:22 PM Sat, Dec. 15th

Letter: DREAM Act swung election unfairly


Reading the work of Daily Courier columnist Tom Cantlon is always enjoyable, as he presents a liberal viewpoint, and I always disagree with him. A recent offering ("People not as uptight as our leaders," June 5), attempts to define the indignation expressed by some readers with differing views.

It's good of him to admit to an occasional rant, but it does little to lessen the tirade he foists on those who offer proper indignation, particularly when it addresses an action taken by our government. He lists gay marriage, immigration, federal debt and guns as matters worthy of a calm discourse before we return to our work the next day, and all with a better sense of balance. Really?

Well, my sense of balance was rudely upset when our president, facing re-election in 2012, openly pandered to a huge voting bloc in this country by allowing the children of those voters, via executive order, to remain in this country and continue their education. It was a grand gesture, to be sure, but the legality of it is questionable, and I'm indignant that the rule of law is discarded for political purposes. Under our Constitution, the President is deemed responsible to see that our laws are faithfully executed (Article II, Sect. 3).

The midterm election is approximately 18 months away and, given the nature of the subject matter listed above, and Mr. Cantlon's wish for compromise, some discussion and/or argument should occur. Mr. Cantlon should provide those topics and be willing to engage any voter in the county. I believe the discussion/argument would be ongoing when the 2016 election arrives.

Bob Charlesworth