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9:19 AM Fri, Nov. 16th

Letter: Vocal Prescott liberals should expect blowback


The number of whiners in Prescott appears to be growing. The latest is Karen Grubb, who complains her neighbor won't talk to her because of a political disagreement. I assume none of these people have read Emily Post. We don't talk about religion and politics in polite society. If one does, they should expect heated discussion, a possible beat-down or, in Karen's case, a neighbor who stops talking. Rule of thumb: Don't discuss politics with strangers or neighbors.

Now Karen and her merry band have one thing in common: They like our president and expect everyone to respect and like him simply because he is the president. I submit these same people did not respect or like the last president. That, however, is a story for another time. I also suspect they drop down in front of their computers and have the White House talking points downloaded in their heads through a USB port.

This is Prescott, a conservative town in which the lion's share of people believe in a small, weak central government, do not support national healthcare, don't want the social network expanded and don't support gun control. We are not going to change or get behind a president who has ideas contrary to our beliefs. We will, however, continue to pay our taxes and abide by the laws of the country.

You and your merry band can take your phony indignation and sell it to MSNBC.

Michael Oskins