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9:24 PM Mon, Nov. 12th

Letter: Liberals seek to control all parts of life


Susan Brown was right on in her April 24 article, "Is Progressivism the New Communism? In the 30s, the Communist Party attracted members by championing noble causes like working conditions, safety and equal employment for blacks and women. They were powerful union activists, although most unions didn't allow minorities in. With the negative information regarding the Soviets and Stalin, communism became a negative label soon to be replaced by progressivism and noble sounding groups saving endangered species, Green Peace, etc. Marx and Lenin advocated using climate and ecological issues as a weapon to destroy capitalism. Is it just coincidence that Earth Day falls on Lenin's birthday or that liberal group organizers wear red T-shirts? I think not.

Global warming was conceived in the United Nations by Maurice Strong, a leader in the organization's environmental programs. Although not a new idea, the UN provided the vehicle for its creation as a world crisis demanding immediate action. Opportunists like Al Gore quickly jumped aboard and the carbon exchange was created. The environmentalists encouraged manipulated scientific evidence to support their agenda and liberal groups supported such misuse of science with grants and financial backing. The progressive media championed the cause and declared it proven science declaring anyone opposing it as stupid, ignorant or uninformed.

Save the polar bears, relocate the wolves, protect the snail darter have little to do with what they profess. They are excuses for controlling land use and preventing private development of such areas. Organized environmentalists again recruit well intentioned people to front their agendas. The EPA now has control of our air, water, agriculture, land and energy. This is getting pretty close to total control of all our activities. Control of our health should make it 100 percent.

Mel Rollins