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4:31 PM Sat, Oct. 20th

Letter: Do not change capitalism to socialism


Congratulations to Linda Lutes for acknowledging she is a liberal and a socialist and in describing the U.S. as a "banana republic" for top billing among many outrageous statements made by liberals/socialists (Feb. 18 letter, "Wealth disparity is tearing nation apart").

Perhaps she is unaware of what is happening in the European Union where the impacts of socialism are being displayed by Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and England. Furthermore, let us not forget the "Camelot" lifestyles in North Korea, Cuba, Haiti Venezuela and Russia. I could go on.

Mrs. Lutes is correct in proclaiming class warfare is destroying our nation. However, accusing successful individuals as being responsible is unjustified. If you want to indict segments of corporate America like G.E. that do not pay taxes, have relocated many of their operations to the real "banana republics" and elements of the financial industry who have not played by the rules for adversely affecting the middle class, fine. But when about 50 percent of the potential tax paying public pay zero taxes, there is a real issue about equity and fairness.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, "When there are more takers in a system than payers, eventually we run out of money." Note Europe where this is currently under way. However for those of us who are perhaps missing it, could Mrs. Lutes or anyone else please identify those places where this system has worked? Please, no rantings of the utopian dreams in the "minds" of Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Keynes, etc. Capitalism is not perfect but in our short history we have convincingly demonstrated this is the superior economic system, if only liberals would quit trying to convert it to socialism.

What is needed going forward are lower, flatter taxes and less regulations for more of our citizens to share in the American dream. There are many positive reasons so many from around the globe want to come here and participate in our free, democratic nation.

Bernard Cygan