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6:39 AM Fri, Oct. 19th

Letter: No place in discourse for 'communist' epithet


Marx is dead; Stalin is buried. Communism's threat has been gone for 20 years, dead and buried, not creeping in shadow or hiding in the closet like the bogeyman. Making a claim that any opinion that you disagree with is "communist" is a tactic that should have ended when Joseph McCarthy was laughed out of the Senate.

Communism is the cry of the fearmonger and the ignorant, trying to ignite the long cold spark of paranoia and manipulate this country with terror rather than win its people with reasoned argument and discussion.

The Cold War is over. The pain it put America through should not be longed for and certainly should not be used as a weapon by the stupid to avoid reason.

If you wish to live in the past with your demons, that is your choice, but do not try to hold the rest of us back with you.

Robert D.W. Houston