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8:52 AM Tue, Sept. 25th

Letter: People shouldn't have to subsidize immorality


The editorial calling pending Arizona legislation "shameful" because it allows employers the right to refuse contraceptive coverage through their health plans was misinformed.

True, what a woman decides is her business, but citizens should not be made responsible for the enabling of lifestyle choices of others that are biblically immoral. The God of the Bible has clearly established laws that we are to obey: "For this is the will of God... That you abstain from sexual immorality," (1 Thessalonians 4:3).

Regarding requiring women to disclose their reasons for wanting reimbursement for contraception, you asked, "Have Arizona lawmakers failed to consider such a measure might humiliate, embarrass and insult women's dignity?" Since 1971, unborn babies in America have been legally sacrificed in an attempt to keep women from humiliation and embarrassment and to preserve their dignity, as well as to allow their lives to continue conveniently uninterrupted. And now must employers and taxpayers be obligated to fund further birth control measures as well, no questions asked? Certainly there exists little dignity with those who support the preservation of a culture that worships sexual freedom at the expense of others' lives, moral consciences and pocketbooks.

Finally, I suggest a remedy for women who find government intrusion too deep into their privacy with regard to health plan coverage, and that is for them to pay for their own "health issues," whether that means contraception, sterilization or abortion.

The real shame here lies in asking those who adhere to biblical standards to abandon their moral convictions in order to enable others to participate in actions that offend and violate the very statutes of a most holy God.

Holly Schrader

Chino Valley