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3:42 PM Tue, Jan. 22nd

Suspects steal iPads, GPS unit from Walmart

Prescott police seek several suspects who stole 10 iPads and a GPS unit valued at more than $6,700 at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday from the Walmart on Highway 69 in Prescott.

When an officer spoke with a Walmart employee, she told him that surveillance video showed two men removing the iPads from the display case and leaving the store with them, according to the police report.

In the video, a man - wearing a black ball cap and a black T-shirt with a large white skull on the front, like the Punisher logo from comics - stopped a shopping cart with a dark colored material in it near the iPad display, said Lt. Andy Reinhardt, spokesman for the Prescott Police Department.

At 4:22 a.m., the man walked up to the display, opened the door and removed nine boxes from under the display, put them in the shopping cart and covered them with the dark material. Then at 4:23 a man wearing a red shirt walked to the same display, picked up the remaining two iPads, put them in his shopping cart and covered them with a dark material, according to the police report.

"Store personnel indicated the iPad display case was locked; however, the officer investigating the incident found no signs of tampering with the lock on the case," Reinhardt said.

The employee told the officer that a stocker had noticed the men hanging around an open display case in the jewelry section, told her immediate supervisor, who told the manager and was advised they were too busy to contact the men, according to the police report.

When the first man walked out of the store with a full, dark-colored backpack the theft alarm went off and the man continued walking away, then seconds later the man in the red shirt walked out the same exit and when the alarm went off, he ran away, the stocker told the officer.

The stocker told the officer the first man wearing the black shirt, black shorts, and black cap was a Hispanic man about 5-foot-5, 170 pounds and about 35 years old. The stocker described the second man, in the red and yellow shirt and unknown color shorts, as a Caucasian man, about 5-foot-7, in his 30s.

Later, the employee told police, she had reviewed more video, and saw a suspect removing a Tom Tom GPS Unit from a store shelf and several other people intentionally distracting employees at the time of the theft.