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9:44 PM Sat, Oct. 20th

Letter: Our Socialist economic policy must change


Bob Lynne, you and others who share your views regarding our troubled economy should redirect your anger and frustration toward those who have taken us to the edge of financial disaster. That would be the politicians and not those who have managed to become successful through hard work, prudent savings and investment - those who have demonstrated financial responsibility. The worn out and vicious character assassination directed toward those who have been the "engine" for our prosperity lacks foundation, particularly when 10 percent of those that I am describing account for 80 percent of income taxes already.

The U.S. Congress and our president have outspent revenues and have not had a budget since Barack Obama became president. Thank goodness the majority of Americans do not emulate this irrational behavior. Those advocating the failed income redistribution models of beleaguered European countries by following the socialist/Marxist dictates of John Maynard Keynes, is not a prototype for constructive change in this country.

Let us all pool together by demanding the elimination of corporate loopholes with a lower, flat rate that touches all companies; a flat tax or consumption tax with no loopholes that would correct the inequities of a personal tax system where 50 percent of our citizens pay no income taxes; stop nation building activities in countries that hate us, reduce foreign aid, and bring home our troops for deployment on our northern and southern borders; enact tough financial incentives aimed at discouraging corporations from relocating operations to third world countries; and ignore the "left wing radicals" in the environmental movement by commencing drilling for oil and natural gas within our borders. These activities would allow us to invest in our citizens and infrastructure and bring expenses in line with revenues.

Bernard Cygan