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7:25 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

Letter: Remember: Youth sports are for the kids


Wow! On the same day the Chino Valley Review had a front-page article on Youth Little League Baseball possibly disbanding due to lack of volunteers, the Daily Courier had an article on cheating in Chino Valley Youth Football. It seems that winning has become more important than the kids.

In upcoming weeks, elections will take place. Members can vote and become involved by volunteering. While there is nothing wrong with voting for more than one person in a family, it does creates a single voting block, diluting the rest of the board's vote. Current football bylaws allow football head coaches to vote, further diluting the vote. The board is voted in by membership and the board is accountable to membership at election time. Head football coaches are selected by the board, and their vote has no accountability to the membership. Conflicts can occur when coaches vote on issues they have an interest in. Now a cheer coordinator wants cheer coaches to vote. Cheer coaches are appointed by cheer coordinators.

All in all, it is for the kids. There is a lot of work that goes on in organizing youth sports. Be involved. Attend meetings during the off-season. That's when you find out what really goes on. It is youth sports, not adult sports.

I feel bad for the boys who were put in the position to lie. This will be with them for the rest of their lives. Hopefully something positive can come out of this for them.

Melinda Hardy

Chino Valley