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3:29 AM Thu, Nov. 22nd

Letter: Rules of the road there for a reason


Thank you Jaimie Denise for bringing to the forefront the directional light issue. I agree that there are many areas where drivers do not follow rules. To sit in the middle of the road with no indication of the next move is not only stupid but discourteous to others on the road. Is he turning into the roadway, turning into a parking lot? Who knows?

Announcing a move in a parking lot with a blinker lets other drivers and pedestrians know your planned move also. Just a thought.

Speed limit signs are another area of concern. Driving around town in school zones there is generally good observance of the posted mandatory lower speed. How many people drive the posted 25 mph past Abia Judd at any time? Very few. Considering where the sign is located might be the problem.

The road construction on Williamson Valley Road is a prime example of non-compliance. Is it impossible to drive the 25 mph posted speed? It is for some who routinely drive 10-15 mph over that. Early on in the construction I have been passed on the right and on the left by impatient drivers. I prefer not to receive a double fine for exceeding the posted speed in a construction zone. The county coffers would be bulging if there were sufficient personnel available to monitor speed since December 2009. Pay attention folks!

M.L. Roedel