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3:49 AM Wed, Jan. 16th

Letter: Amnesty didn't work then and won't now


In the July 20 Courier was a letter from Larry Wonderling titled "Building a border wall is no solution." Wonderling parroted the same old distorted talking points - Mexicans working in the hot sun do what Americans cannot/will not do; the drug problem is self-generated - and suggested we give green cards as enticement for Mexicans to work in our fields.

I really wish the Pollyanna types and especially our elected "representatives" would learn a few lessons of migration history. Both the Ronald Reagan "once-in-a-lifetime" amnesty program, followed by the Seasonal Agricultural Worker green card giveaway, were flooded with fraudulent petitions from ineligible aliens, resulting in millions of undeserving people becoming citizens, because there were not enough criminal investigators to do the research.

And when formerly unauthorized workers received green cards, they suddenly found themselves marketable. They found jobs that would support the families many had left behind. That created a vacuum in the farm labor market - which was immediately filled by new waves of illegal alien workers willing to accept under-the-table below-minimum-wage jobs without any benefits.

In the recent past, representatives of South Carolina changed their views and their votes upon realizing the established home building industry in Beaufort was decimated after Hispanic crews invaded the market. The local technical-college-trained workers could no longer support their families at the new lower wage levels builders then offered.

The narcotics syndicate invasion of our southern borders with all the scary armed kidnapping experiences of Phoenix is another matter - one of national security.

Unread, history will recreate itself.

T. C. Houghtaling, Criminal investigator (retired)

U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Service

Crown King