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12:27 PM Sat, Jan. 19th

•Talk of the Town

The Arizona State Legislature now requires that public events and places (any political sub-division of the state) that wish to disarm individuals must provide gun lockers at the door.

Since the state enacted this law, the "no gun" signs have come down from the entries of most public buildings.

I wrote a lengthy resolution in support of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which we all affirmed an oath to uphold, for the Dewey-Humboldt Town Council to consider. The council approved a shortened form of that resolution in a 5-2 vote.

The April 3 editorial said the resolution was a "bad idea." The editor believes that the resolution would raise a "red flag for anyone to strap on a gun and carry it openly at public meetings." The fact is this: Anyone who may lawfully strap on a gun may carry it into any city or town meeting in the state unless the councils vote against it and put up gun lockers.

Why be afraid of the Bill of Rights? You are much safer with honest people in your midst who are armed than disarmed.

The main problem with random firearm violence in America, when individuals have gone into post offices, schools, cafeterias and other business establishments to kill people, is that only the bad guys had guns.

The Luby's Cafeteria shooting in 1991 left 23 dead and 33 more wounded. Suzanna Hupp, a chiropractor, lost her mom and dad in the shooting spree. This was before Texas had the concealed carry law. Suzanna, being an honest citizen, left her gun in the car. She could do nothing but run. She escaped, but her folks didn't.

The public school shooting at Columbine in Colorado is another example. Only the deranged young men had the guns. No one could stop them.

The youths broke multitudes of gun laws in bringing the firearms into the school. Laws do not stop unlawful shootings, only equal and adequate force does. In the few times when shooting rampages have been stopped, an honest person with a firearm was present to resist.

Law enforcement, as good as it may be, usually arrives at a crime scene of this type only in time to count the bodies and start the investigation.

It is my belief that if you are going to disarm a person, then you have the complete responsibility to protect that individual from harm. It is not adequate just to provide a gun locker at the door. You must set up an airport-type screening process if you are to guard against gun violence.

Only secretive and corrupt governments fear the firearms of their honest citizens.

If you look at history, corrupt, totalitarian governments are the most prolific killers the world has ever known. R.J. Rummel, in his book, "Death By Government" (1994), estimates that governments in the world have murdered 169,202,000 innocent people of their own countries in the past century. This figure represents six times more people murdered than died in combat in all of the internal or foreign wars for the same period of time. It should not surprise any of us when a government proposes firearm restrictions on honest citizens.

History then teaches us that governments are decidedly more dangerous than individuals. To believe otherwise is simply allowing the "left coast gene" of political correctness to kick in and override honest, historical truth. The majority of the Town Council of Arizona's newest town spoke a word for truth and freedom, and that's a good idea.

(Warren Rushton is the vice mayor of Dewey-Humboldt.)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Well said, sir. If you reread the editorial you will see that it made the point that people with concealed carry permits have undergone background checks and training. People who may show up at council meetings carrying openly have not. By not posting a sign banning guns, and not offering a storage space, you are allowing concealed carry permit holders in. You also may get someone who confuses carrying a gun openly with testosterone. Enacting your resolution openly invites the latter.)